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Getting socks and headphones

Dave Mora does the happy dance :)

So for those of you who have been following me on my social networks you have noticed that after 13 months of being a contractor with [retracted]. I was finally offered a permanent position. So, I am getting paid a lot more now to watch Netflix 🙂

After I left the “Evil Empire” I waited and took a job that revolved around my life style instead of forcing my life to revolve around my employer.

I knew a change was in the horizon so it was no surprise when I parted ways with the “Evil Empire”. I prepared and was able to take the contract work even after a 60% paycut. But, I am much happier. I have more time for my projects, my family, and my life. So, now that I got offered the permanent position I got a 40% pay bump. I am happy because the last year my family and I learned to live with less and we found out the world doesn’t end when you don’t have DirecTV, a 5 luxury cars, and the private jet.

Living debt free is great. Although, I am now only 20% away from making to what I used to make a year ago. I am at a better place and enjoying life. This experience has humbled me and allowed me to re-focus my energy on things that make me happy.

So, now that I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck. Some gifts are in order. I am getting the wife new socks and I am getting my self a new set of Headphones so I can listen to tunes and enjoy Netflix a lot more at work.

After I order the socks for the wife. I am ordering my self Bose® AE2 Audio Headphones 🙂

The other cool thing happening is my co-working space is getting an upgrade. I have a co-working space and we are moving it to a better location. My servers are finally getting put into a server room and out of my dedicated office. So, now I am looking at decorating my office and turning it an awesome #geek and #nerd space.

If you have comics that need a good place let me know 🙂