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Thanks for nothing Twitter

I have been online long enough where I have come to a point that I have online friendships that now span over 5 years.

In because of that reason. I have online friends who have passed away but have left behind their online presense. I am not talking about the memorial pages people put up to remember them. I am talking about their actual online presence where I communicated with them.

A while back Facebook use to try and suggest that you talk some of your friends if you notice they had little to no activity. I am not sure when that change or is done property now for me not to notice. But, the problem I had then with Facebook is something I now have with Twitter.

The problem was that they started to suggest you to interact with someone that was physically no longer with us.

So, now it appears Twitter is trying to have you chat with those who you follow / follow you with that haven’t logged in a while.

Yup, you guess the problem with that.

If you haven’t – Well the problem is twitter is telling me to send a message to people who have passed away.

Dave Mora will never forget @martinboz

@martinboz was a person I met online and got to meet in person a few times since he lived in my community. His death came sudden that it made me rethink my own situation. I can easily say he was one of the main reasons I began to look for a way out of my current employer situation so that I could spend more time with my family. The idea of dying overnight and my kids only having memories of me going to work or coming home from work started to scare me more then death it self.

That is what @marinboz’s online friendship means to me and now and Twitter is reminding me of him and others who are no longer active on Twitter because they are gone.