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Late to the Video Blogging Party!

Is it hard to have a Video format that everyone will be happy with?

Would it be possible to one day have your Media Player not only play any format but transcode to any format with no problems?

I know I am late to the Video Blogging party. So I am reaching some road blocks that people have found solutions for months if not years ago.

The first road block I hit was iMovie. Two effects and the ease of adding text to the video keeps in iMovie. Although I don?t use a Windows / SuSE for that), I hop on the misses iMovie.

At first I used a Sony DV cam an imported the video into iMovie. I slowly overcame the video quality issues when I decided to start using my Logitech webcam that is able to handle low light environment a lot better then my Sony DV cam. (Not, because the Sony Camera sucks but because I don?t have time to try and tweak the video settings) Now, I am also using the small but awesome FlipVideo by PureDigital.

Then I reached my second road block.

Sadly the FlipVideo and Logitech Web cam do not record to a file format that iMovie understands natively.

The FlipVideo saves everything in AVI. The new version of iMovie does not support importing from AVI. (Just my timing and my luck) The Logitech is a better camera over the iSight built in the Mac but it is not recognized on any application natively or even using Macam. So, I am forced to record my Logitech video on a PC on a WMV file format.

So, I went on a mission to find a Free solution that will import AVI and WMV files into m4v for iMovie. Everyone free solution converted the files but the quality ranged from bad to super bad.

So, I had to take out my Credit Card and purchase QuickTime Pro to convert AVI to m4v and Flip4Mac to convert WMV to m4v.

So I have solved one of the biggest issues and that was how to work with my videos in iMovie.

Now the next road block is something that I will overcome with more videos I put out and that is better video editing and content. The day I master adding my own graphics and fonts into a video and have an awesome intro with special effects is the day become a Pro Video Blogger with the world to conquer. Until then I will simply be the ?Gordo? with a FlipVideo bugging people to add more content to my blog.