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My friendship with Lamar Odom

So my friendship with Lamar Odom has been a very interesting. Because, of the simple fact we don’t have one, we don’t know each other, and the only connection we have is that I am a Clippers season ticket holder.

But, that didn’t stop my brain from creating this friendship while I slept.

So, a few nights ago I had dream that I got a call from a close friend ( Apparently my friend was Lamar Odom ) and he was in need of some help. So, in my own dream I wake up to a call of a friend in the early morning hours.

The person on the other end of the phone call was someone I have known for a while, someone who apparently we went to school with, a friend who I had no problem getting up in the middle of the night to go help.

I only wish my brain would have given me an upgrade on my car. How is it your dreams can make anything possible but yet the things you might enjoy more like driving an #awesome sports car is something your brain decides that you don’t need in your dream.