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Youtube for kids!

As a parent I have done my best to protect my kids from randomly coming across things on the internet that are not appropriate. I use services like OpenDNS and use an “Allow List”. This way I can ensure only sites I approve can be seen by my kids regardless of what device and platform they are on since I do this filtering at the DNS level.

But, Youtube is a hard property to manage as a parent. I try not to be a helicopter parent but I don’t want my kids to search for minecraft videos and then end up “Iraq Mines Explosions” as suggested video. Also, some comments are worse then the videos showing someone getting hurt.

Youtube For Kids standalone app is a good start. But, doesn’t really help if I still want my kids to enjoy Music Videos or I do approve of some Channels that are not yet listed in the App.

Since, it is an app it does little for the when my kids are on Youtube on their laptops.

I do recommended it as a good start for parents you want their kids to stream kid friendly apps.

If this post someone how makes it to the someone who is working on the Youtube for Kids project. Please, do the following just to make me happy 🙂

– Ensure all video assets are not on the youtube.com domain. This way I can block youtube.com and ensure none of the assets are blocked.

– Instead of an app platform many kids as young as 2 years old are already familiar with the youtube.com UX/UI so simply mirror the basic youtube.com experience to a separate domain such as youtubeforkids.com and make it so that every user needs to login.

As a parent I will create a user account for my kids. By forcing all the users to login I can ensure that my kids experience can be what I determine regardless of what device or platform they are on since they will simply be going to the website. Through this website comments will be disabled and they will only see channels pre-approved by Youtube for kids.

– Allow me to white list channels that I have seen and I feel comfortable allowing my kids view.

– Send me a weekly e-mail of what my kids are searching for.

So, if you can do the above items I mentioned I would greatly appreciate it 🙂

I’m now funemployed

A few of you already know. But, I am taking this moment to let everyone know that a few weeks ago I joined the #funemployed movement. I feel a little late to the party as most of the people in the movement have moved on and are once again fully employed. But, I have received a lot of calls and txts from people wondering why am I not devastated.

Here is one reason that I found in a LA Times article from a few years back – For the ‘funemployed,’ unemployment is welcome.

“I feel like I’ve been given a gift of time and clarity” – Aubrey Howell,

It was no secret that I was going to get the boot, fired, laid off, terminated, told I was no longer needed, advise that I should look for better things, or even the “It is not you, it is us” speech.

I will not be going into details as the ending chapter is still in litigation. But, I will say this.

People don’t leave companies. They leave management.

The last 16 months of my 7 year career was one of many ups and down. I felt I was being singled out. Sadly, regardless if that was true or not the perception by their actions sure made me feel that way.

I started to feel the company was giving clear message. Similar to the scene of American History X when the character Derek Vinyard tells the house guest. “You are not welcome“.


Sure, it is a little dramatic. But, that is how I felt. So, what is next on my agenda?

I spent the last few weeks reconnecting with my family. Mostly my kids. I hate the fact that I accepted being away from the house from 5 AM to 8 PM as a way of life.

I truly felt like a weekend dad.

The best memories I have about my father are the ones about his daily struggle to get me up in the morning. From taking the sheets of the bed to tickling my feet. I got to enjoy those moments again. But, this time around I am the one in my fathers shoes.

Taking my kids to school and having them eagerly run to me with open arms is a feeling I will never forget or trade for anything. Not, even for two 27 inch LED Monitors.

Reconnecting with my family took a few weeks and that was one of the biggest items on my #funemployed to-do list. I am happy that my wife took a month off during this transition. Being able to spend the day together and having to make some difficult decisions such as “Coffee Bean and then Borders for some books” or “AMC for a Movie and then Lunch” was much easier by her on my side.

So, now I can move on to my second item on my #funemployed list. That item is my blog. This post is not just a post to update everyone. But, is the post to mark my return to more frequent blog posts, silly videos, and hopefully the return of DMS-OnLocation videos where I get to interview people I find interesting.

For those of you who are following my blog through your RSS reader. You might be wondering who I am as my site went silent and you probably forgot about me.

In the words of Jay-Z. Let me reintroduce my self. My name is Dave Mora – Dave to the Mora.


Credits – The Terminated image used is part of Creativeblok.com group of funemployed buttons for sell at 2.00 dollars each. The Laid off one is my favorite – LOL Check it out.

Mr. Mom Phase coming to a close :(

Dave Mora being Mr. Mom

For over the last 12 weeks (3 Months) I have been home with my 2 year old and newborn. I took this time away from my real job to spend time with the family. Being Mr. Mom for the last 3 months has been awesome. But, it was nothing what I expected.

During my first week home I had this idea that I will have so much free time. I had planned to re-launch my site, launch my brand, start video blogging, learn and master Final Cut Pro, finish my 3 PHP projects, start working out, and remodel the back yard.

Well I am happy to report I got none of those items done. The only thing I come close to has been the re-launch of my site and launch of the Dave Mora brand. But, even that is onl 97 percent done.

I just assumed that taking care of 2 kids at home would be easy and give me so much free time.

Boy, was I wrong.

But, I loved the time off. This Monday I am going back to work. I am sure going to feel odd being surrounded by adults.

Good times I tell you!

Wednesday with the kids

I enjoy to spend time with both of my kids. Althought he misses is out I am not running like a headless chicken on my own.

I guess the key is to try and keep them both happy because once they both start crying I think that is when I am in trouble.

For the people who have called on the phone they have witness first hand the sound of two children crying at the same time.

Good Times I tell you!