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Imagination is limitless.

My childhood was filled of epic adventures. I was a ninja, a dragon slayer, and a member of the A-Team. Like many kids of my generation I had few toys and the ones I did have were primary hand-me downs from my older cousins that out grew them. My imagination became the best toy I had.

Even now as an adult my imagination is the best source of entertainment. Maybe that is the source of why my kids have such games as “Help the Dragon” and “Rocket Ship”. One of the best things of being a father is spending the free time with my kids. As they are getting older their imagination is allowing them to have those epic adventures that I once had as a kid.

Recently, my brother in law came over and made a house for them our of an empty cardboard box. Similar to the video above. That box has been the center piece of our recent adventures.

I have no scientific data to back up my theory. But, I suspect giving your children the ability to use their imagination will not only give them a better childhood. But, it will make them a better person.

If you don’t want to encourage your kids to have a creative imagination. I encourage you buy them this grappling hook.

gapling hook.

You can thank me later. When they become Ninjas!