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I am Obama Bitch!

So, lately @JayArza and I have been cranking out our very long and extended podcasts named Encabroname.

I always get little ideas for shirts. At times I wish I had my own T-shirt Pressing system just to make silly shirts. The same way I make silly content.

A while back I thought it would be a funny shirt to have that read “I am Dave Mora. Bitch”. But, then I realized being Dave Mora means nothing to everyone plus, no likes being called a Bitch.

So during our Episode 6 many funny things were mention and also many people were offended.

Here is an exerpt of Episode 6 where the “I am Obama …” was mention. You can listen to the whole Episode at www.Encabrona.me

You can open the video to the exact segment it was mention by clicking on http://www.viddler.com/explore/encabroname/videos/8/2116.596/ also known as click here.

You can take a listen to the whole episode at Viddler and leave a comment.

If you find it funny and would like your own shirt.

I am obama Bitch

You can buy one here.