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The Misses iPhone 3G

So, a week after the iPhone 3G was released I post my first ever video about the iPhone. I started iPhone Friday with no plans in getting an iPhone.

Sadly I am one of those few people on the planet that enjoys “Copy and Paste” but after playing with the iPhone I got the “Misses” I am thinking about getting one as a back up. I am the first to admit that I am a HTC Fanboy. HTC Diamond Pro is the only phone I would stand in line for.

So, you may be wondering if I am only willing to stand in line for the HTC Diamond how did I get the iPhone.

Well was lucky to come up on a Line at the Topanga Mall for the Apple store at 11PM. I was at the mall to catch a movie. The line was short enough that I figured I would get in line and surprise the misses with it. I lined up and a few minutes later someone came out and stated the system closed and they gave us all tickets to come back the next day and cut inline to get the iPhone.

So, I went the next day got the iPhone and here I am. I think I am one of the very few people that had a total time of 30 mins of standing in line and walking out with an activated phone.

Good times. Now, you get to enjoy my silly video.

So, unlike the lines that we have come accustom to see at every Apple Store. I headed out Thursday night looking to interview some people. I went to two Apple Stores out here in the Valley and finally found 2 people in line but at the Apple Store in Los Angeles.

I got to talk to two iPhone users willing to stay up all night and all day for the iPhone 3G here is what they had to say

I also talked to Number 2/3. If the other person shows up he will be Number 3 if not he will be number 2.

The videos below are from SunnyinLA.com if your

Here are some videos of the Tre_Legend filmed by SunnyinLA her self.

Here he is with his actual phone.

Don’t forget to check out SunnyinLA especially if you live in the Los Angeles Area.

iPhone 2.0 still a no go for me

A 199.99 iPhone is still not worth my money. Apple fan boys no need to send me your hate mail or even long essays on how the iPhone is an evolution of a mobile device.

Apple has done an awesome job in creating a solid hardware and great software roadmap. The platform that they have created will take mobile computing to the next level. I can not wait for the day where I can take my desktop with me through the use of my phone. Although, I feel we are almost their and the iPhone will likely be the device to bring that to me. I am still not motivated to leave my HTC behind.

I only have two reasons why I am not on the iPhone. The first one may be silly but how can you not have copy and paste. I mean GPS is great but why can I not copy a url and then paste it in safari?

If you know for a fact that you can cut and paste please correct me.

The other silly reason is Flash support. The more and more I use my HTC 8925 with a hacked flash player the more I need it. I mean I can watch uStream broadcasts now and enjoy twitlive.tv on my phone from anywhere even when in the passenger seat on the 101.

But at 199.99 I do recommend the iPhone for people who don’t care about flash or cut and paste. The iPhone is still the best way to combine a phone and a solid mp3 player.

But hey if Apple wants to send me a special developer version where I can cut and paste and view Ustream please contact me.

Good times.