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I miss the epic honesty of the early internet days!


When it comes to internet things I fall under the “Generation Dinosaur”. The first time I got on the internet it was called BBS. You had to dial into a computer and the only people you could interact with where users dialed into that computer. Since, you wouldn’t want to dial long distance you tend to dial into a computer in your own community so those users you were talking with were also in your own community.

Back then you didn’t connect with followers or fans. You connected with people.

You didn’t worry about the number likes or friends your profile displayed. You worried about the quality of friendships you were able to maintained.

Everything on the internet seems to age quicker. So, I guess it’s no surprise that at my age 33 (My age depends on when you are reading this 🙂 ) I already sound like my grandparents when talking about the good old days. The music is too loud and my black t-shirt and blue jeans are no longer a cool combination.

I wont yell at you to get off my lawn. – Well not yet.

But, I will tell you how much better the so called online friends were in the early days. So, that is why I am not surprise how much of a hype the iOS only App Secret got. https://www.secret.ly/

Secret took back to the early days of blogging when we blogged honestly how we felt knowing that no one would really connect the dots when I wrote about hos much I hated this, that, or a particular person. Anonymity was the platform that allowed for some epic posts. Not, because they were full of steamy details and full of drama. They were epic because the were full of honesty.

The one thing I learned was that when you write from an honest place that emotion somehow transposes into the text on the page.

I miss being able write about how much this one thing made me so happy, or how much this one thing made so sad, or how much I miss having that. I miss it because I have to filter my self when it comes to talking from the heart because of those who will be affected and haven’t grown to listen to what others have to say and respond without getting defensive.

So, I look forward to the a blogging type system to come out. Heck, Facebook can do that now. Let me write an honest post and to my so called friends but when it comes out on their timeline they don’t see it’s from me. Because, maybe you want to be able to ask your friends something and they might have some insight that can help you.

Meanwhile, if I truly feel that I can’t be 100 percent honest with my topical categories maybe it’s time to put those writings under a different name completely separated from here or any of my existing profiles.

On a side note!

Something weird happen on my way to work today. Water was falling from the sky. I live in Los Angeles, California where it’s always warm and sunny.

Being honest is premium service

You pay extra for honesty

As a parent with two young kids. I always focus on my kids understanding the concept of being honest and telling the truth.

I started to notice local businesses advertising Honesty as a selling point or even an added feature. I notice 10 businesses with statements such as “Honest employees” or even “Honest Estimates”.

I grew up and I am raising my kids where Honesty is not an option. Honesty is expected and a core value. So, I am almost taken back when I see Honesty used as a feature or even a premium service. I am not sure when or why people stopped expecting Honesty from others.