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Hardy Fred Harriss, Windows 8 RT, SOA made me sad

Hardy Fred Harriss

So, I came accross this video about Hardy Fred Harris on Vimeo.

This video sums up how much I would have loved to have a trade where I made something that would be around even after I am long gone. Then again – It is never too late apprentice with at my local forge.

So Windows 8 RT is out and the fanboys are now at war!

It’s only been a few days since the release of the Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT and a line has already been drawn down the middle.

You either are an Apple fan and trashing Microsoft’s attempts to haven copy the iPad or you are a Microsoft trashing Apples attempt to reinventing the same thing and calling it new and continue to steal from others and calling it their own.

As noted before I am have been enjoying my Windows 7 phone and that is saying a lot after having and upgrading my iPhone but the iPhone 4 was the last Apple phone I had before trying out and falling in love with my Windows Phone.

I find it weird that you when you talk about Apple you have to give a disclosure that you also enjoy Microsoft or when Talking about Microsoft that you also enjoy Apple just to try and avoid any assumption you don’t like something because you like the other.

So I guess here is my disclosure.

I am PC living in a Mac Household and by Mac Household I mean my kids have their iPods, my wife has her Macs and her iPad, My wife can’t live without her iPhone, and we have an Apple TV. But, I am still enjoying my PC and my Windows Phone 🙂

So why do I like my Windows 7 phone. Because is a refreshing new way to do things and as cheesy as the Windows Phone commercials were. I really did more things on my phone faster and did more enjoying in my life. #yesreally

Although, I am getting the next Windows 8 phone. I will hold back on the Windows RT or Windows Tablets because I don’t do enough high powering mobile things to justify having tablet. But, that might change if Windows RT enables me to code on the road. Because, lately I have been embracing the idea of “Coding under the sun”.

I do have an eye on updating my desktop to this Lenovo EE8 Windows 8 Desktop. The ability to move the screen I might just pick up digital art. One way to eliminate the need of buying sketch books 🙂

Sons of Anarchy made me gasp

Like most of the world. I am enjoy the T.V. Show “Sons of Anarchy” and I never thought I would be taken by surprise like I did when they killed off the Opie character. But, in Season 5 Episode 7 final moments I was once again taken to that place where I am left speechless.

Spoiler alert – I know being a father has made me more sensative to situations where children are hurt. So, I know why I was left with the WFT? moment.

So, now I am waiting for the next episode and I am hoping for the best.

Side rant –

I tried posting the video clip through YouTube but FOX (FX) kept taking down the minute clip and telling me they will sue me if I don’t delete it. I guess I could have done the whole speeding it up, flipping it, and putting it in a box to avoid the FOX (FX) autodetection within YouTube but why go through that trouble. I used Vimeo for the clip but it will be a matter of time before they delete it because they only allow content that you have worked on. Last time I checked my episode as a Mayan hasn’t aired – yet. I wish I had the power to tell the studios to allow 2 minute clips because it encourages people discovering their product and helps the discussion.