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Happy Birthday to me!

Birthdays come and go and for many a birthday is just another day. For many years that was my feeling but as my kids get older I look forward to my birthday to see what my kids draw for me or learn that they want to take me to Chucky Cheese for my birthday celebration.

My birthday celebration is usually a simple get together at one of my favorite eateries with my wife and kids and few birthday card exchanges. ( With the exception of a few years ago when the wife got some of my closes friends and family member to come over and surprise me for a birthday party. )

As I am enjoying my life more with more free time and spending more time with my family it seems that even my birthday is getting a few happy upgrades as my life overall has been getting better over the last two years.

For starters March started with Birthday cards. Although many of them were from brands that I have a business relationship with. It is always nice to get a gift card from them even if it means that I have to use it at their business. But, I only have business relationships with brands that I use and enjoy so they are still a treat for me 🙂

I have great co-workers are my co-working location where they go out of their way to ensure you remember your birthday with your office getting attacked balloons and a catered lunch to whatever place you care to eat from. Plus, nothing like the office baker making you a nice yummy cake 🙂

Even Google went out of their way to tell me Happy Birthday –

Happy Birthday Dave Mora

Now, they know is my birthday because of Google+ and I was logged in when I went to Google.com and this image doesn’t appear when you are not me and visit the Google page. But, still it was a nice reminder to my birthday today.

Just remember that nice, humbled, and kind hearted people are born in March in March. Well for the most part we are nice, humbled, and kind hearted people because after a quick search there are at least two people I wish were born a different month or better yet never born. 😛

But, I happy to share my birthday with Albert Eistein and Grace Park.

So go out and celebrate my birthday by simply being kind to someone and do something nice to someone.

Just in case you don’t care about my birthday or any birthday celebration. Today is also Pi Day. So, feel free to go out and celebrate in honor of being Pi 3.14 day 🙂