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DMS AskDave? Edition Episode 5

This week I got 1 e-mail. But, first I just want to remind people that along with my useless content that I make. I can also produce some useless answers. With that said here was the e-mail.

Tak wants to know about places where you can upload your videos. Is their really a major difference from sites like Vimeo and YouTube when it comes to good quality?

We have video sites that are trying to seperate them selves from other Video sharing sites by using taglines like ” We can handle HD Videos “. In my opinion is that a so called HD site is only worth it if they can host your 700+ megabyte video files. I have seen good quality videos on sites like YouTube and check out all of Revision3 releases on Viddler. They look awesome.

Is no secrete that I am new to video blogging game. Check out my videos and you will notice that slowly my videos are getting better. They have gone from CRAPPY videos to Less Crappy Videos. No hardware has change. I am using the same computer, same video editing software, and same crappy camera. The only thing that has changed is how I am transcoding my video.

All of the video sites transcode your video to Flash Video (.FLV) so the trick is to find out what is the best format to save your videos that converts best to (.FLV) and keeps the good quality.

I use Viddler not because they transcode the video better although some how it does look better in Viddler but because I enjoy their comment features and how I can put a comment to a link that will appear on the video time line.

If you are a content creator I suggest you put your content on every Video Sharing site you can think of. Especially when you are starting out. Because, you just never know where your audience is hanging out at.

That is where services like TubeMogul come in handy. TubeMogul allows you to upload your video to them. Then they will send it to every Video Sharing site that you have an account with.

Now, TubeMogul has a limit on file sizes. My solution is to convert my videos to (.FLV) locally on the computer and then uploading it to TubeMogul.

So that does it for this Edition of AskDave?

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