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Bitter Mondays not so bitter.

When eUNKNOWN Rants was my blog a decade ago it was my place to be the bitter Dave that people knew when I got angry. People who have known me for over a decade and readers who have been with me since the bitter Mondays post have come to understand that those days of daily rants are long gone.

I still get upset at people, society, and businesses. But, I have evolve. The angry energy give me better results when I use it towards something positive.

So, is hard to sit down now and type out those epic long rants on how the Sun got me so upset with it’s heat rays today! How sitting in my commuter car with no running A/C and in bumper to bumper traffic on the 101 was making me think to just abandon my car and walk home seeking the shelter of nearby trees and how I wanted to condemn the sun.

But, then I realized that we just landed Curiosity on Mars and maybe the Sun is not so evil afterwards.

I was thinking about bringing back the Encabroname podcast on my own. But, I realize I don’t get so “encabronado” to be able to carry the show on my own. So, I hope I can re-unite with JayArza and “get the band back together”.

I texted JayArza with the hopes to get the band back together. I will have my people contact his people to see if we can work out the final contract. But, meanwhile I guess is time I start to put together the site back together for the podcast. I am somewhat committed to started it again with a co-host or without.