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Do more and an update

Hex Mora the #awesome son of the Dave Mora!

For many, the year starts with a long list of items that you want to check off before the year ends. Well, in the case of 2012 it would be checking things off before the world ends.

On a side note: If the world does end this year. I am going to be really annoyed that I paid off all my bills when I did not have to!

This is the first year in a very long time that the year has started great for me.

Although, I have a mental list of things I want to accomplish this year. They are not written down nor will I have be keeping score by crossing them of as I get them done.


The last few days I have simplified my goals for 2012 to two simple words – Do More

Do more with my family. Do more with my kids. Do more with my friends. Do more with my self. Do more with my projects. Do more in the community. Do more in life.

Having more time now seems to be an ongoing theme when I talk to people and write my posts. But, free time has been something that I have not had in a very long time. Sadly, we can not add more time to our lives. Everyday that passes is a day lost. We are all counting down – never counting up to days we have left.

The new memories I am making with my kids always bring up the memories of my own childhood and the few memories I have with my parents of actually going out and enjoying life. Now, that I am older I understand the challenges my parents had to overcome and I am sadden that they sacrifice their own dreams in order to give me a chance to a future in a new country. I will always be grateful for that.

The picture above if of my son Hex that was taken at recent hike my wife took our kids to. I was not part of that initial hiking group. I am happy that I was not part of the group because my kids benefited from it.

I am the first to admit that I am an overprotecting father. If it was up to me I will force them to use bubble wrap and walk in a bubble as they go outside and I must always be within arms reach to catch them fall. – Okay, I am exaggerating. But, as they grow and learn the lessons of life. I must also learn to be able to let them go, fall, hurt, but always reassure them that I am here when they need me. They are only 3 and 6 years old and I am already dreading their first heart break, their first disappointment, and their fist issue that they will feel the world is coming to an end.

So, how did they benefit from me not being part of their hiking group?

Well my wife has a bigger comfort zone with them. She lets them do things that I struggle with letting go of their hand to do.

Dave Mora Hikes!

The image above is one example. This is picture taken of my wife and my brother-in-law going up the same path my kids undertook a week earlier.

I would have strap both of them to my back and climb this hill side with them. But, my wife let them test their own boundaries and allowed them to climb this hill side using the fallen tree as a bridge and the roots of nearby trees as rope.

Hearing my kids speak of the hike and re-enacting every moment with excitement and seeing a smile from ear to ear is one of the memories I will cherish for the rest of my life.

This is where I realize why 2012 is not about checklist and how simply doing more will lead to more #awesome memories.

Do More with my Trek

It is early Friday morning and tonight is my first attempt to get back on my bicycle. It has been a very long time. So, I will need to make sure my travel kit has spare tubes, my tires have air, night lights work, and ensure the Cadance counter still works my bike computer. (Yes, a gadget geek also has a gadget for his bicycle)

Depending on how quickly I can go back to riding 50 miles under 3 hours. I hope I can get ready for the 100 mile bike ride in March.

I now work in Hollywood and I decided to ride my bike to the North Hollywood Metro Station and take the Subway to Hollywood. I started to wonder how far it was. After mapping my route using Veloroutes I was really surprise it was only about 16+ miles and the elevation graph confirms an easy ride.

My warm up bicycle ride!

I am eager to get back to riding. I use to have a 90 minute commute with my former employer and had to figure out how to schedule my bike riding. Once I start riding I suspect my commute to work (even with the bike riding and taking the metro) will be under 60 minutes. I am looking forward to having a 30+ mile bike ride worked into my daily commuting schedule. It will lead to one less thing that I have to figure out how to schedule into my free time.

But, I am still in search for an #awesome messenger bag.

After Effects is my favorite new app

I attempted to put my Mac Mini into good use for my new video projects and with the amount of tutorials and how to videos available for After Effects CS 5.5 I decided to use that application. But, it appears it only runs on 64bit. The Mac Mini I have is a Intel Duo Core 2 (non 64bit). But, my primary computer is a i7 Windows 7 64bit so I have been using my PC and I am happy to report that I have made the following intro for my future videos.

Video Description - Disclosure
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You can subscribe on Youtube herehttp://davemora.com/subscribeyt

I hope to start my silly weekly videos up again and I am currently lining up interviews for DMS-OnLocation and I am looking into local non-profits for my new series DMS-NonProfits. (If you work for a non-profit please feel free contact me. I would love to learn more about your organization)

LA Times and me

So, yesterday I received a call from LA Times and it was a reporter interested in learning how people felt about the recent Google search results changes. The article is informative and I recommend that you check it out http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2012/01/privacy-google-search.html

I encourage you guys to read the article but if you just care to know what was quoted from me. I can save you the click / time.

Dave Mora, 31, an analyst for a Los Angeles entertainment company, said he now gets more relevant search results and consequently is using more Google services.

“Your experience is even that much richer,” he said. “How many times have you asked a friend that knows about computers a tech question, you car enthusiasts friend a car question, or even that doctor friend a medical question? It is the same idea, just presented differently.”

Are you a Blogger?

Recently I have been asked that question. I have been blogging before it was called blogging. Before Google, Youtube, PayPal, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, and Twitter were even companies on the web. For the very few of you that have found me and went to High School with me. You might remember the little page I use to post a summarize of the High School baseball games at the end of week. That was 1996-1997 and having .midi sounds on your page was the coolest thing you can do.

I think the meaning of being a blogger has change. What feels like decades ago a blogger was someone who put their ideas, opinions, and passions in long form text on a website. Never looking to make money, push out their e-book, or call them self a guru in whatever the trending word of the month was.

To me a blogger is someone who writes what they feel at that time and embraces a conversations with its reader regardless of having 1 reader or 1,000,000 readers. So, when I say I am blogger that is meaning I refer to.

That is one of the reasons my posts deal with a wide range of things that I find the need to write about.

If you made it this far. I thank you for finding it interesting enough that you finished this long post. Thank you for that.