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Public Welcome Message Vs. DM

I rarely do updates on posts or even issues. But, I guess their is always a first time for everything. So, what is the update?

Well I am happy to announce one more step taken to reduce how I annoy you! 🙂

So, no longer will I flood your time line with “Welcome to my party .. ” tweets. But, for those people that enjoy them. Don’t worry I will not go to the way of DM’s.

Everyone I spoke with always suggested me to use SocialToo to auto message new followers. Now, as much as I do enjoy some of the SocialToo services. Auto DM’s will not serve me well.

I manually sent out a “Welcome to my Following Party” message after making sure they are not spammers. I check out every new followers timeline and their blog if they have one.


Well someone took the time to check me out and even found me interesting enough to follow me. The idea of missing out on a new connection is too much for my OCD to handle.

Okay, so why not just sent them a DM ? Well like I mention before some people who follow me have found some good twitter people to follow by reading my “Welcome to my party Message”.

So, for those that want to continue to receive tweets on new people that follow me you can now follow @dmShouts.

I will use @dmShouts to only send out my “Welcome to …” Messages.

Heck you don’t even have to follow that account you can just check it weekly at http://twitter.com/dmshouts .

Hope that works out for everyone.

end of update enjoy the original post.

Dave Mora on Twitter

I have embrace Twitter like the rest of the Internet. Twitter is to me what I make of it.

If I choose to use it similar to an RSS and send out Alerts / Annoucements. I can.

If I choose to use it to extend my txt messaging with family and friends. I can do that by getting them to join twiter.

If I decide only follow / friend people I really know. I can do that.

If I decide follow everyone on twitter. I can do that too.

That is the main reason I enjoy Twitter. The way to use twitter is the way I want to use twitter.

So, that brings me to the whole reason for this post. The people that follow me notice one thing from me. Along with my tweets about nothing, my links to something, and my RT (retweets) about anything that I find interesting.

Twitter allows me to connect to people I find enteresting and has allowed me to discovered not only new events but also new people that share my interest and at times my passion. I have discovered Local people that create content and for the record. They create better content then me and I love them for that.

As people Follow me I go through the list. I take the time to check everyone one that follows me, check out their tweets, check out their sites, and block the SEO / Multiple Level Marketing spammers.

So, everyone that finds me interesting enough to follow me I decide to send out a public message to them like.

Welcome to my “Following” party. [ A message to them regarding their tweet, their site, or their way of life ]

I usually go through my new follower list once a day. So sometimes I send out 3 to 10 public messages seconds from eatch other.

It was no suprise that some people can get tired of the “Following Messages”

Here is the lates public messaged sent to me. By, one of my followers. @ChrisAldrich (Thank you for following BTW)

Dave Mora gets told to stop bugging

Now, I could be that jerk and tell my followers. “It is what it is and if you don’t like it don’t follow me”. But, that is never nice. Who knows maybe when I have 10,000 followers I will start saying that.

The reason I don’t do the automatic DM thing through 3rd party sites is because that will also send a DM to bots / spammers that I will end up blocking. Plus, I enjoy checking out all my new followers and sending them a message that is about them.

Since I always worry about the small things. I worry about the miss connections if I do not do that.

For example. What if one of my followers like @igenexis read when I sent out “@elernesto Welcome to my “Following” party….” and decided to check him out. By checking it out he found @alasmedia that lead him to the local bi-weekly podcast of http://www.alasmedia.net/wingbeat.htm that is all about our local community.

Or what if @elernesto discovered me by @igenexis responding to my public welcome message that then had me discovered @alasmedia and then I was asked to appear in one of their future projects ?

Is that too much? Is my fear of lost connections valid? or am I just allowing my OCD get the best of me. ?

I would really like to hear that you think.

So please leave a message, comment, or even a video comment.

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