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Happy Columbus day WTF?

Today is Columbus day. I can’t celebrate a day in honor of a person that was the starting point of such a destruction of the indigenous people in this part of the continent.

I moved to Oregon and I love it here.

But, to know this whole state had so many tribes that were force to move on to reservations only to have their lands given out to settlers is something that I think about especial on a day like today.

The city I live in now was the heart of a tribe and after they were force to a reservation they handed out deeds to the land. 150 archers to a single male and 300 archers to a married couple.

People simply filled for a land deed during that time and got so much free land. Land that wasn’t even theirs to claim. Land that did not need any new settlers because there was already people living on their lands.

Southern California was the same but somehow living in LA you forget that part of the history because you tend to not read past the time period that involves the Mexican history. But, up here when you start looking at the history it always leads to a tribe that once called this place home.

I don’t think this video would have had the same affect on me if I still lived in Los Angeles.