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Why I do what I do?

I am sometimes called nuts by others when I tell them I give stuff away through my DMS-Giveaways videos or when I giveaway concert tickets to local events. Usually I give away floor / upfront tickets to total strangers.

Many of my close friends call me nuts when I give away VIP tickets to major concerts when I can sell them on ebay or craigslist for a couple hundread dollars. But, I get them for free so why not make someone happy especially when it cost me nothing to bring a smile to someone?

Well the last concert ticket I got tickets to was Coldplay. I twittered it, originally I thought they were going to be floor tickets the response was crazy over 100 DM and over 100 E-mails but I later found out that it was a pair of floor tickets and a pair of last minute seats.

Sadly, the 200 people did not seem interested. But, one person was and his name was Paul.

He surprised that special someone that loves Coldplay and was kind enough to share the moment with us.

Also, I want thank you for all the plugs. They were not required but I do appreciate them. Thanks Paul.

Coldplay at the Forum tickets giveaway

Okay, like a few people out on the interweb know. I sometimes get ticktes to some shows. Last set of tickets I had was front row tickets to see Jay-Z at the Hollywood Bowl.

But, is the update. Unlike last time I am getting 2 different kind of tickets pair of tickets. I am getting a pair that at floor level. Then I am getting a pair that are seats.

I am sorry to say the misses and I are taking the floor seats. I have never been to the Forum to see a concert. Last time I was in the Forum it was home of the Lakers.

So, I am giving away 2 regular seats. They will be somewhere between the 15 Colonade seats, 22 Middle floor or 22 Top floor. Not sure if the band will have their backs to you. If they do let me say sorry in advance. They are giving me the tickets so I can’t be that demanding for better seats for you guys. Sorry.

Here are the rules. I will hand deliver the tickets to you the day of the show or you might have to pick them up in Will Call.

Why the day of the show? Because I would hate to see the tickets on Craigslist or eBay.

How can you get them?

Simple like my giveaways leave a comment. In the comment please let me know how much of a fan you are. Also, please enter a valid e-mail address where I can contact you. Only 1 entry per person will be accepted.

I will put everyone’s name in a bucket and pick 1. Yes people that simple.

Leave a Video comment for extra credit 🙂

Please be able to attend the show on Monday Jul 14, 2008 07:30 PM

Good luck.

Update – The winner was easy to pick only one person seemed interested.
Paul check your inbox I have sent you an e-mail.

The ticket giveaway is over but I will update the post with my concert experience.