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Two social web roads becoming one

Besides the passion I have towards my friends and family. I also have a passion towards Social Web and my job.

I have kept my personal and my professional life separate for many years. I even keep two Facebook profiles. One if for family and friends and the other if for co-workers and work associates.

I have always been concern that my silly comments would be taken for those of the company.

I have done a good job and I through nothing would ever make my two parallel roads cross each other.

Well that is slowly starting to change. I am currently ghost writing for my employer, helping clients, and just interacting with social communities under the company brand.

I enjoy it.

The fact that I am doing two things I really enjoy brings a smile to my face. It even makes me less bitter towards my 60 minute commute to work. But, I am still doing it as two separate identities.

At the moment I am just helping the company during my free time because I see how much the customers and the followers the company has really appreciate it.

I am not expecting or even wanting for this position to become a full time position. But, I would enjoy doing it if given the opportunity.

I am also pushing them to understand that who ever represents the company via social networks must also be social in real life. I think that should be a core value of any Social Media Strategy.

They should allow that person the freedom to hang out with other social web people at events or tweet ups. I really believe that a business should not just interact with clients online but also interact with people offline.

So, with that said if I am given the opportunity and if I am asked to do that full time for the company. I will no longer be able to keep two separate identities a secret when I follow my own suggestion and go to tweetups as the @companyhandle

Although the thought of saying that I have a twin brother did cross my mind. But, that would be a silly lie to try and keep up with. I mean it bothers me a lot at this point keeping both profiles separate. I almost feel like I am lying to my own followers ( the 3 of you ).

What I like about people not knowing me as the Voice and Face of a Brand is that I can do my silly tweets, blogs, podcasts, and continue doing DMS-onLocation without having any filters that might seem bias to my employer.

For example:

What if I was @Ford. How would my critical tweets from my @davemora towards my Honda appear? I like that fact that I could tweet “Honda your dealer mechanics are useless” without the fear that I might appear to be bashing Honda because I work for Ford.

What if I was @thecoffeebean and I really love the Large Ice Blended with no whip. Would my almost daily Brightkite post from @davemora appear to be self promotion?

What if I was working for a major @zappos competitor. Would my DMS-onLocation with Zappos for my DaveMora.com never happen? Would I have been prevented or fired by my employer for hanging out with Tony for a few minutes and taking a picture in their VIP chair?

What if I was Frank from @comcastcares and I have the new Verizon Droid. I happen to have an iPhone that I enjoy better. Can I tweet out from my @davemora saying I like the Droid but still love my iPhone without making people feel I am just saying that because Comcast and Verizon FiOS are rivals in some areas?

What if I work for @pepsi but I happen to know people in @cocacola team. Could we ever tweet each other from my @davemora and hang out at social events like other twitter friends do?

Maybe my fear is misplaced. But, I am a person that enjoys helping people and hanging out with them. I have never represented a brand publicly and I am just not sure if my both worlds would ever co-exist without people reaching for a deeper meaning as to why I tweeted “I hate how Virgin Airlines lost my reservations” from my @davemora when I am also @southwestair.

For the record the above are all examples.

Well some of them are. I would really love to work for @cocacola or @thecoffeebean but my addiction to their products might make them go out of business.

So, what are your thoughts?

If I tweeted my way to a @ company brand. Would you understand that @davemora and this website are full of my own thoughts and silliness? Would you trust me less when I say that I enjoy Netflix on my Xbox360 and not on the PS3 as my own opinion not because I happen to work for @Microsoft ?

What do you think?

Do you think is time I allow two of my passions to become one?

I am really interested to read your thoughts, opinions, or better yet leave a Viddler Video response with suggestions if you happen to be the face and voice of a brand on Social Networks.