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Welcome back Circuit City

A lot of people under the age of 25 may not remember Circuit City. They went belly up a few years ago and some companies ended up buying their trademark and I think Tiger Direct bought the domain just for the traffic.

I felt I was the reason they went belly up because I was the type of customer that would spend 2 weeks buying and returning receivers until I was 100 percent happy.

This is one of the commercials I saw as a kid and it always stuck in my head.

But, then the reality as I got older it seemed this was the Circuit City I dealt with. Some stores were run by people who just enjoyed having a good time and were always friendly and fun the ones below.

But, others were messy and full of unfriendly people. But, the one near my house was always friendly and their employees were informed on their products.

So, lets hope that circuit city is just not a store that Radio Shack use to be with the idea of smaller stores with specialist electronics.

Heck I predict that Buck from Boggie Nights will be bringing back “The Good Guys” to sell us the real High Fidelity stuff we have been missing.

I hope to see Buck soon