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Route your current bike ride

Recently I started to cycle a specific route. I still do not have a bike computer so any stats on my route has been a guess at best.

All I know thank to Google Maps is that it was a 10 mile loop starting and finishing at my house.

The one thing I knew was that the first half of the bike route the road sure kicks my behind.

But, I discovered VeloRoutes. The best tool is http://veloroutes.org/bikemaps. You can track your route and get the exact distance and nice looking graphs when it comes to elevation.

Here is the elevation graph for DMS-10 Mile route.

So this nice looking graph confirms why the first half my bike route kicks my butt.

Cadence what?

Another week of being a cyclist leads to learning a new term. This week I learned about Cadence.

You can read the math background and google how to measure it.

In short. Cadence is the amount of time you complete a full pedal. If you pedal 50 rotations an hour. Your cadence would be 50.

What I am learning about being a cyclist is that everything that can be measured, should be measured, and will be measured. You measure the distance, the speed, the altitude, and even the calories you have burned.

I am not interested in finishing the race in the top 10. I am interested in finishing the 100+ mile race with out killing my self. Cadence, will be the unit that I will be measuring and hopefully improve as the weeks come and go.

Why is Cadence something that needs to be measured?

If I keep a constant cadence I can condition my self to pedal at a constant and manageable rate. The goal is to keep a constanct pedaling rate regardless if the road is flat or a hill.

So, that lead me to my weekend adventure. I went out and looked for an inexpensive bike computer that could track the cadence for me.

I found an inexpensive wired bike computer that would do the job.

The CatEye Strada Cadence is the only one I found at this price range that came with Cadence.

But, I failed to get it to work.

Even after watching videos like the one below.

So, for now I will just ride and see who I can find to help me troubleshoot my basic bike computer.

The geek in me ..

Today was the first official team training with “Team in Training” Everyday I am learning something new when it comes to bicycling.

Today I learned how to ride with a group and how to let the riders in your group know about hazards on he rode and the safest way to pass someone.

I learned how bicyclist track their progress. I first learned about Pedometers from runners and walkers. I was not sure how they would work on bikes. But, I discovered they come with sensors that count the time the tire and your pedals spin.

So now the geek in me now wants this.

Garmin hook it up!

Sadly I don’t think I will be able to get something like that since that cost over 600 dollars. But, they make some really basic cheap ones for like 20 dollars. 🙂

I am looking forward to see what I learn next week.

Day 0 to my bike training

As many of you know I have joined the “Team in Training“. But, like everything in my life. I do things out of order. I joined this awesome program and committed to pedal in a 100 mile race.

When I made the commitment I had no bike, no bike gear, or even a Helmet.

Just to give the few of you an update.

The wife surprised me by getting me a Trek Bike. It is a nice starter bike. A hybrid bike between a road bike but with the mountain bike feel. It took me many store visits from all over city to finally find the style that I like.

People always ask what bike I recommend. I don’t think you can go by a single brand. You must really go out and see what bike you feel the most comfortable in. If you are going to race you must keep in mind that you will be pedaling for hours at a time.

So, now I must go look for bike shorts and a helmet.