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Happy Dave!

Over the last few months I have been doing what I do best. That is dream, wish, and think of what I want to do. But, unlike Nike I have never been really able to “Just Do it!”.

Is not that I lack the ability to execute. I just want to do and dream about so many things and I just do not have the time. If I had a bank full of money it would make it easier because I can really take a “Project Manager” role for all the side projects I want to do. But, since I do not have unlimited funds I have to deal with the limitations.

The feeling of BLAH!
The last few months I have been feeling blah and I think it has been because I have to go back to creating stuff. A lot of the stuff I have been doing in the past few years have not been creative. So, I am restarting the Encabroname Podcast and going to work on putting out DMS-OnLocation and DMS-Today videos again. So, maybe putting stuff out again and being creative will make this feeling of BLAH! go away.

I really need to start blogging more regularly. Maybe I need to find a reward system to keep me engaged.