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My baby steps come in 20ish miles steps

Some people still find it weird that I say Good Night at 10AM and Good Morning at 7PM. But, that’s because I work UK Hours. – Saying that I work UK Hours is a fancy way that I say I work Graveyard.

It’s been a goal for me to work with in 5 miles of my house so that I can bike to work. Well I live in The Valley and work in Hollywood so the 5 mile goal is out the window. It is more like 20ish. It’s somewhere between 16 to 20 miles depending on the bike path and sadly my on board bike computer broke that measures distance. So, in order to make me feel good I am going with the higher possibility and say it is a 20 mile bike journey in one direction.

So, yeah I left my house hours early and pedaled into the darkness. Like a lone cowboy riding into the win or that hero in a movie heading back into battle at the end of the movie because its the right thing to do.

Yes, I am just riding my bike to work but let me have this Hollywood moment as I play the starting role in this mini movie that I will playing in my head as I pedal to work.

It was really nice riding into work. Even though it took a very long time the colder temperatures made it for a good ride. With the recent heat waves I am dreading the ride back into the valley as I am realize now that I will pedaling under the hot sun.

Biking to work regardless of the distance is part of my new #teamgordo project. I decided to go back into blogging and vlogging. For better or worse this is what Blog of Gordo is about. My journey to a healthier Dave.

I am taking baby steps into my journey. Although, my baby step today came in a 20ish mile bike ride. For the few of you that know. I use to cycle – in fact I had this silly goal of doing a 100 mile Century Ride. But, between my former demanding job and handful of excuses I manage to talked my self out of it and turned my bike in an #awesome towel rack.

How much a rider was I?

I had a helmet, night lights, cadence and distance bike computer, and got to the point that riding 50 miles came with ease.

I no longer have the demanding job and I am not letting myself to believe in the handful of excuses that I am still trying to convince my self that they exist.

Turning can’t into CANs

I remember a few years back when I mentioned to people my plans that I was going to a 100 mile race with the “Team in Training“. Their response was expected. They would always point out that I didn’t even own a bike.

So I got a bike 🙂

With the team I struggled on my first 15 mile bike ride but worked my self up to handle 50-60 miles on any given ride.

Now, I am telling people I am not only going to complete a 100 mile Century ride. I will also planned on taking a ride to see California. I am going to ride from the upmost part of California.

#teamgordo starting point

Most likely start in California / Oregon border and peddled my way down to San Diego.

I get more can’t from people and even those who don’t know me.

Nothing I can about their point of view if their first instant is to have doubt. So, I am rather turn those Can Not’s into Can Do’s.

So, that is how I started my first ride today. It has been years since I rode my bike. I had forgotten how uncomfortable the seat gets after mile 6 and after mile 10 my backup started to get heavier after every mile I accomplished.

Since I don’t listen to music while I ride. The last thing I want is to get hit buy a car I did not hear behind me while I am listening to PSY – GANGNAM STYLE

Hmmmmm – Maybe that wont be bad sound track to leave this earth with.

Donde esta el Pinche Podcast?
Some of you have been kind enough e-mail me and remind me as to where they can download the “Blog of a Gordo Podcast“. I use the word kind lously. I don’t remember the Spanish word “Pinche” being on the nice words list. Right?

Well I am recording them and I am actually trying to release them with some production value. I’ve e-mailed two people that I know that do good jobs with podcasts to see if I can afford them. But, so far none of them have replied.

Maybe they think I will pay them with kindness. I guess I should send them a second e-mail and remind them that I will pay with cash not just peanuts.

If you read this Blog of a Gordo post – Thank you 🙂

If you are still playing the eUNKNOWN Drinking game. I have not read anything I typed. So, remember to take a shot for every typo, double shots for fragmented sentences and WTF? statements.