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It’s a sad day for me in #clippernation

I understand that I am one of the few fans that still loves the idea of “Franchise Players”. I have been a Clipper fan before they even started to win. To me it’s been great to see Blake and Jordan improve and hopefully they get to retire as Clippers with some championships.

This season I had to get over the fact that we started without Darren Collison. I really enjoyed him as a Clipper and was really looking forward to see him play this season. But, that did not happen as he was ended up moving to Sacramento.

Recently there was some major changes to the roster and this time around Clippers decided to let go of their draft pick Reggie Bullocks. I really enjoy seeing players play for many years to the team they got drafted to.

The traded ended up with Clippers landing Doc Rivers son. Only time will tell if this was a good thing or not. I hope for the best and hopefully this mean his son will have to play harder. It will definitely be interesting to see Austin Rivers play under his dad Doc Rivers.

But, I guess all my worries will go away if somehow we end up with Nate Robinson and get Collison back: