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Social Network break, Opie, Accountability, and Trolls.

Social Network Break

I have been taking a break from social media. I few weeks ago I decided to take a 100 day break from social media and try to refocus my energy on a few things. Some of you have noticed me gone. While others have not.

For those that have noticed and text me wondering if I am still alive. I am 🙂

I am also debating to avoid contact from people other then my kids and wife for the next 100 days. I decided to let my hair grow and and see how long I can tolerate my face while I let my bear grow in.

Yo Soy “Dave Opie Mora”

If you are a “Sons of Anarchy” fan you know the character Opie. I am not sure if his departure of the show encourage me to let my hair and beard grow. Maybe is my way to pay tribute to such a good character or maybe a show of solidarity to an actor who is now unemployed.

Dave Mora is going to be Opie Winston now.

Who knows. Maybe, I will become the latin Opie. I guess in 100 days I will let you guys know if I am riding a bike.

Who lowered the value of Accountability?

A few days ago the wife and I where having a discussion about holding politicians accountable. At first the conversation felt weird. Not so much about the idea of holding people accountable but the idea of talking anything that has to do with politics with my wife. She has always been apolitical. Well the lack of it to be honest. She never cared about voting and learning about prepositions, city council votes, who is the governor, or the president for that matter. She doesn’t vote.

Although, I don’t think she will vote this time around. The fact that she is making time to watch the Presidential debates or read up on some proposed legislation makes me wonder that she might be one step closer to registering to vote and possible another step to actually voting.

So, back on the accountability discussion.

I never thought that holding someone accountable especially in the political arena would be such a strange and foreign idea. But, when we do hold politician accountable they seem to be for the weirdest reason.

The example I can think of is the infamous Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal. They attempted to impeach the President on a affair. But, not on the bombs he was dropping on foreign soil and having the U.S perform actions of War on another country without actually having Congress to declare war?

But, the expectations of accountability seems to be going away or at least the standard of accountability is dropping.

Just a few days ago I started to read and view actual News agency reporting on the “Apple Mini” as factual information. I understand need to draw traffic to your site. The reason many popular websites such a Techcrunch, Mashable, and many others use Linkbait to draw traffic by reporting on rumors. But, I should never read about an future product based on rumors on sites like New York Times or the Wall street Journal.

It reminds me of the video below on a local news reporter stated the cool things the new iPhone 5 will have.

But, even after sites have spend months stating they know what the new product will have only to discover that they were wrong once the products comes out. No one appears to point out how wrong they were nor do the sites seem to care and do it again for the next product with so called “Sources”.

Don’t even get me started on so called News channels that generate fake News and never seem to care that they are reporting non news as News.

But, at least Trolls may be accountable soon.

When so called journalist are no longer held accountable by their peers, their audience, the nation. Then, I suppose that is why accountability is becoming a thing of the past. 🙁

But, at least trolls are starting to field the pinch of their hate speech and hiding behind anonymity. I guess that is one reason why I welcome YouTube’s push in making it’s users change their username to their real name.

Recently Violentacrez one of the users of Reddit who is being parade as a Troll was exposed by Gawker. His real identity was released and now he is dealing with the consequences in real life from his online action.

I understand that people are jerks. I have been online for almost two decades so I have developed a thick skin and Trolls don’t affect me – Especially when I troll back. #justsaying 🙂

But, if you are going to a jerk. Don’t hide behind a fake name. So, I am glad that some trolls may reconsider their hate speech now.

Below is a CNN. video segment of what happen with a Reddit user.