Sunday [blah]

So, I live in the City of San Fernando and a few weeks back they opened the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Dedication with a lot of fan fair. To be honest I was not expecting that many people nor people who live outside of the sorrounging 30 miles.

So, I picked up the Daily News this morning not to read the news or anything else but to look at the adds. I guess I just like seeing at things I cant afford like the 50 inch plasma screen. But, one thing I notice was all the major stores are having a Halo 2 Selling at 12:01 AM Monday Night / Tuesday Morning. Sadly I love the games but staying that late to buy one is not my thing. But, then again I am not a gamer.

But. I am going to the Screen Savers Tuesday and maybee I get lukcy to get one free 🙂