Written by Dave Mora
On Jun 17 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Stupid ProXy


I am at work and we are behing a Proxy. I don’t really care if we are or are not. But, when it starts to affect the websites I visit that is when I take notice.

For example. I go to a website and it does not display the current page most of the time you hit CTRL+F5 and it refreshes the site to the current one. But, now it is not doing that.

Damn it !

Also, people have been e-mailing me asking me when I am going to jump on the Podcast bandwagon. The truth is I have been their done that. I mean I have been on the internet since 96. So, I have a blog before it was called a blog, I shared files before it was called p2p, I have an online radio show where you would download the file format in Real Audio because .wav files were to huge and Mp3’s was just an idea. So you can can say I had a podcast before it was called a podcast.

I am always willing to do something if their is a market. So, with that said if you are interested in hearing a podcast from me on this site e-mail me.

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