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Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 03 , 2004 for Daily Rants

Stupid Fine Print.


Well the memory my co-worker gave me 2 days ago worked like a charm. He gave me 3 sticks of 32 MB and 4 sticks of 16 MB Ram. I put all 3 chips of 32 MB and my computer was just beeping at me. Then I realized that you have to put them in pairs.

So, I put 2 chips of 32 MB and then 2 chips of 16 MB and my system booted PHLAK Linux with the gui. I was so happy. Then I was waiting for my stick of 32 MB of Ram I ordered from eBAY.

I went to go check my mailbox and I was happy to see a package from the guy I ordered my Memory from. I could not wait to get to the house and replace the 2 sticks of Memory of 16 MB with 2 sticks of 32 MB of ram.

I opened the package and I notice it was 2 sticks of ram. [2×16 MB Chips] I went back to the eBAY auction page and the titled read 32 MB Memory 72 pin for your Packard Bell. I felt he mailed me the wrong memory. So, I e-mailed him.

He replied that the auction was for 2 sticks of 16 MB. [blah]

What bugged me about his replied was that he stated.

The auction was for 2 sticks and even if you ordered 1 stick of 32 MB you have to use them in pairs.

It bugged me because I wanted the 32 MB ship so I can use all 4 slots on the computer and have 128 MB Ram.

I checked the site again. And yup all the way down with smaller text it read.

You are bidding for 2 sticks of 16 MB ram.

I e-mailed him back with the hope of a trade the memory but he has not replied so I am thinking that it wont happen. I cant be really angry it was my fault for not reading every darn word.

Well so much for a happy first time eBAY experience.

//Target Trip

So, the misses and I went to Target. We usually go to the Target in [Pacas]. The funny thing is we always notice a Police Squad Car park in front of it. Since I have worked Retailed in the pass I know that it only means a shop lifter was caught. You would thing people would know how to steal. 🙂

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