Streaming Music in DOS!

So many of you would be like “Why do we want to stream music in Spanish number 2?”.

As I get older and I come across more and more generations that do not know of a time before the GUI (Graphical User Interface) . My own kids will never know the time when a device was not designed to get you to Netflix or a website by default.

So, what is this DOS that I mentioned? DOS is what we old timers call the first operating system we used when we started playing with computers. The Disk Operating System ( DOS for short ) is what many us see when a so called Hacker takes over a system. For those the MAC OS you can refer it as the Terminal window.

Well to be fair this is not really about streaming music in DOS. Because, that would take hours going over config files, configurations, and having you figure out where to get a Floopy Drive.

Lucky, for all of us this post is where I simply introduce you to a simple website that mimics the experience of streaming music through DOS / Terminal window.


When you visit the website you can simply type help and get a list of instructions.


You get to listen to music, view the comments, and act like you are doing it all from the command line 🙂

So, enjoy it!