Stop the bitching and deal with it!

It has been a while since I have written something deep and profound. The last few weeks I been saying a number is items that make me grab someone and order them to stop the bitching. I am also sadden of the new number of people that I see full of hate.

Here are my issues:

Gas Prices are not high. I am tired of people crying about 50 cents more a gallon of gas and angry at a company do what a company does and that is to make money. Last time I checked a company was in the business to make money. So why blame a business for making money when the amount of cars on the road has tippled and dumb-asses have SUV or decided to move 60 miles away from their job to buy a cheaper house. Last time I checked people are not demanding a rebate because a 20 oz bottle of water cost 1.50 or that houses that cost 300,000 2 years ago are now selling for 700,000.

The brown invasion will not be televised. Illegal immigration becomes an issue affecting America during election year. But, what makes this year different then other years is the term illegal immigrants have been change to simply immigrants. I now see and hear people wishing that all immigrants to leave the US. With the aid if rightwing radio talk shows they are now suggesting that America is being invaded. I hate people using the argument that illegal immigrants are taking American jobs, causing a burden in the US economy and harming the lively hood of Americans. But, the same was said about Blacks, Irish, Italians, and Chinese during Americas History. So, I guess is now our time to be the black sheep for America until the next wave of minorities comes in. Although I believe in protecting our borders and I am in favor of a wall around the US but to then try and push the people out of the US both legal and illegal just because their parents or were not born in the US is just wrong.

Si Se Puede can kiss my ass. I hate the people that think that the US will collapse if all the immigrants did not work. The answer is simple someone who really needs a job will take their place the next week. It took me years for me to get my green card I will be damn if a chunt that only has been here a few days can get their citizen before me. As a citizen I have to wait a few more years before I qualify to apply for my citizenship. I think the people that are demanding an Amnesty or rights have forgotten one thing. Being in the US is not a right is a privileged. Although they showed a united front during the march on May 6, 2006. The movement is divided by many groups with their own agendas. Some want a guest worker program others want a path to citizenship. Sadly and what pisses me of the group the demands the right to be citizen. They forget that they are citizen in their own countries and yet they are here for a reason that my parents migrated here and even took the risk of walking the border illegally with me on their shoulder and that is for a better future for me. My parents made the sacrifice and they were grateful to be here for me to have a fighting chance to make something of my self. So people get off your stupid high horse that and begin to be grateful that you are not here and not here. After all you are a citizen back in your home country just remember why you are not their.

So those are my issues. Feel free to send me hate mail now.