Written by Dave Mora
On Nov 29 , 2005 for Daily Rants

Stop promising the cake and the world.


Over the years I have said I wanted to do many things in my life. Some I have accomplish some I keep putting it off for next week. My problem is that I say I will do everything tomorrow and I forget about it. So much that I have have a to-do list on my website for me but I forget to use it.

I wish I had done drugs so I can blame my forgetfullness and laziness on them. But, the fact is I don’t do drugs.

This weekend I said I buy some car parts for both our vehicles and I forgot.
This weekend I said I was gonna start working out and I decided not to.

So, after many broken “I will do it” the misses is now mad at me.

Can I blame her? no
Can I hate her? no
Can she just forgive me and move on? no
Do I deserve for all of this to be forgiven? no

Like someone told me. “Stop bitching and do something about it

As of today. I will start counting the time I flake and broke something I was suppose to do. So far I start the day with -2 points.


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