So much for an everyday post

So I do my best to enter a post everyday but I always fall behind on that. For the few people that know. I am currently working for an ISP with their transition from DSL to Fiber. That project is slowly coming to an end so I am going to face some cross roads.

I am not sure if I should keep taking up projects or if I should start working on my side projects full time. The problem with working on my side projects full time is that they do not generate any income or not enough for me to pay my bills.

I have started 2 key projects that I am working on with my free time.

The Dave Mora Project. This is website that I will use as a portal into my projects and will be the home page to my new PodCast/TwitCast/Online Radio project. Will be a site not only for my tech related articles but also a place for my friends articles and reviews.

The only project that is starting to take more and more time is The Dave Mora Project solely because of the radio aspect of it. I want to produce a good quality radio show. Not just me talking because I know they will end up like most of my posts and that is a rant.

That brings me to my rant!

Since my current project will be ending soon I decided to start looking for new paid work. I decided to take on a job a little different from what I am been doing. So I decided to apply for IT HelpDesk jobs.

When I finally got a call back for an IT HelpDesk for a company in Trendy LA near the Whisky I was really happy. The person calling me was the recruiter for the company. She asked me basic questions about my background. She sounded really nice.

So, my interview was yesterday. The recruiter was a friendly and loveable in person as over the phone. I was taken a conference room and waited for the people who will talk to me.

I ended up talking to 3 people all seem really nice but I was surprise of the not so technical questions they were interested in. It seems more of compatibility interview. At the end of the 3rd person I notice he root [boot] on paper he was taking notes. I associate the word boot with �I am boot your ass out of the car� so I suspected I did not get the job. So in turn they booted my ass out of there.

I felt although the interviews went well the lack of technical questions made me feel they were not interested in me and were just going through the motions.

So, when I got home I was not surprise to have an e-mail waiting for me informing me they are going to keep looking and wishing me good luck as I look for a job.

I hate interviews. Not because I hate meeting people just the fact that it means something is ending and you are looking for the beginning of something new