Small Settings Update on Twitter

So, someone mention the recent changes in Twitter regarding the way @replies are used.

For those unfamiliar with Twitter. (Yes, their are still 7,000,000,000,000,000,000 people who are not familiar with it) Twitter allows you to follow someone’s post from their public timeline appear in your timeline. In the past if I started my update with @interjection I love the thumbs up picture. Reminds me of … Me. 🙂

Not, only would she get my message but people who may not follow her would also see it. My followers may find her interesting and could decide if they want to follow her too.

Some people wonder what if the message is private. What if I wanted to remind my friend @branli my cell phone number?

That is when you can use Direct Message. I could send a message to him via Direct Message that only he will see.

In my opinion Twitter ruined the @replies when they changed it to mentions. I was not affected since I am not popular enough to have people mentioning me every other tweet. But, someone like @wilw with over 10,000 followers was affected in a negative way.

I choose to follow only people I find interesting. So, now with the new change I will miss out on discovering new people I can find interesting.

Just to think that I could have missed out on the awesomeness of @martinboz because I saw a tweet from someone I follow to him.

So, why the change?

The reason “Today’s update removes this undesirable and confusing option.

I think is not good enough. They should just have a post educating people on Direct Messaging.

Now, if I want to share the conversation with others I nave to decided to either put a random letter or empty space before I enter @davemora or you can just put #ihatethis @ev why are you making me hate you?

Also, if I am following someone and I am tired of their @’s to the world I already have a solution. It’s called “unfollow”. (sure that sounds mean, but we have options? right?)

Well some of you know I fear change and maybe I am over reacting. I am interested in what you think?

Sadly Twitter’s own blog does not allow us to leave our comment.

Leave a comment and RT with hash #davemora-post or better yet how about #fixreplies