Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 19 , 2004 for Daily Rants

Slowly Moving away from WinBlows!


So, earlier this year I decided to complely move off the Windows Environment. I began to look into alternatives. Since I am coming from a PC-World I began to look into the obviuse “Linux” I have been using Linux on and off for many years now but mostly for server functions. Never for a full Work Station replacement.

I began to use PHLAK because it was given to me last october when I went to Frisco for a filming of The Screen Savers when it was still TechTV. I liked the fact I did not even need Hard Drive and it had the tools I needed.

But, I could not leave my favorite distro of SuSE. I have been using SuSE as far as I can remember. So, I am making the move off Winblows to SuSE.

I have also began using my Girl’s iMAC the fact that it runs Darwin a Unix/Linux Distro I gegan using it as well.

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