Written by Dave Mora
On Sep 23 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Show me the pool.


The misses and I went to see what could be our future home today. The one thing I forgot was a stupid camera to take the pictures. Now that I try to remember some aspects of the house I can’t.

I have an tendency of doing things the Dave Mora way. That usually means doing things in reverse. So, instead of going back for a second look and take pictures I just decided to put in an offer.

The house is not a looker. It needs some work but the home was built in the 70’s. So that means the rooms are big and it has a yard. It even comes with the added bonus of a small pool.

So, to keep it going doing things my way. It is time for me to find funding to buy this home. I think usually this is the first thing people do before looking for a home. LOL


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