Show me the Money!

So, I decided to get a loan. I loved the show Diff’rent Strokes. So, when I heard the commercial on the radio by Gary Coleman talking about and how he was able to get $10,000.00 loan and wired the next day. Since I have 4 credit cards with a total of 8,000 dollars in debt I was thinking about getting the loan pay off all my credit cards and still have 2,000 dollars to spear and head over to and get me some gear. So, I headed to the website I applied and BAM. I was approved.

So, I started the day all happy. I am gonna pay my debt, I am gonna get a new video card and I will have 1 monthly payment instead of 4. But then I got the e-mail with the final stats on the loan. 120 montly payments. So that is a 10 year loan. No early payoff penalties. So far so good. Then I saw the montly payments 325.00 a month. I am like WTF? then I did the math 325.00 x 120 payments = $39,000.00 dollars. Shit. FUK that. I wanted to pay off my debt but not at the cost of more debt.

So, much for my video card 🙂