Say it aint so HTC 8125

I was so happy when my HTC 8125 came back alive. It was the same feeling when I thought someone stoled my car and it was recover only a block away with no damage to it.

The joy have having my HTC show me e-mails, text messages, and work with out a problem is the same joy when I passed Super Mario Brothers for the NES with out taking any of the Pipe Warps with in 30 minutes.

That joy is officially gone.

The display of my HTC is broken again.

So I called Cingular / ATT and was told they no longer carry the 8125. Although I am getting the newer model as the replacement I really don?t like it. The 8125 keyboard was a perfect layout for my fingers and the button placements were awesome for me.

The one other phone I am willing to try is the HTC Touch Diamond. So, if anyone wants to send me a loaner or NFR please contact me.