Written by Dave Mora
On May 20 , 2010 for My Bike Journey & Team in Training

Saddle but no Horse


Some of you know that I started a new journey called “Bike Riding” although when I mention the word bike. People tend to picture a motor cycle.

I am training for my first stage of the 1,000 mile bike ride next year. I am training to ride 100 miles in August via the “Team and Training” and I am helping to raise money to help fight blood cancer.

The last few weeks I have been learning new terminology and a new culture. The “Bike Culture” at first glance looks like a group of competitive people. But, what I am slowly learning is that the “Bike Culture” is full of good hearted people.

The first terminology I learned was the word “Saddle”. The word saddle is the word use to describe your bike seat.

My Saddle

The first thing people told me was to upgrade my Saddle. But, honestly I think regardless of your Saddle the hardest thing is getting use to sitting on a bike for 6 yo 8 hours of a time.

I have been riding for a few weeks and I finally got around getting bike shorts.

Thanks to the good people of REI. I was able to find a perfect pair of “Gel Padded Biker Shorts” within my budget.

Getting an upgraded Saddle made my ride softer but the bike shorts have made my ride enjoyable.

Now, I just need to save some money for the helmet and the tire tools I need to have in the next few weeks.

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