saddam execution video

So is official or at least it is all over the internet. Saddam will be execuited today sometime between 9 to 10 PM eastern standard time.

Little do people know he has already been executed. So people will be waiting for the video to either be aired on the TV or hit youtube or google videos.

But, I have the video that will be broadcast at 10 PM and later released on the internet. Check it out here.

saddam execution video if you can’t view it fix your rating settings in your video player.

Due to TOS with my provider the video I have is causing a lot of traffic and I am on a shared server. If I wanted to host the video I have to get a dedicated server. I just dont have the funds for that plus because of who recorded the video I will no longer be making it public. If you have the video please be aware that is unathorize and you have been warned. Also, if you tried to upload it to youtube or other video sharing place they will denie it. The one I have is more like a documentry it 45 mins long and shows him being picked up from his cell and flown to the place where he is executed.

So here is the video that is all over the internet enjoy.