Written by Dave Mora
On Dec 09 , 2004 for Daily Rants

Sad Day in Rock


Today is a sad for me. I have been a fan of Pantera. Even after their break up. I was starting to enjoy the re-encanation of it when the band DamagePlan was form.

Sadly last night the Lead Guitarist Dimebag Darrell was shot and killed as they started their set.

Well for what is worth. My heart goes out to the family and eveyone affected by this. I know how hard it is to loose someone and I know it hurts more when you loose someone so trajic. I have lost some people I know in violant ways and I can relate to the pain.

[My Firwall Project]

So, I am still waiting for my 32MB of ram to arrive but I am debating if I should make my own firewall system or just use many of the already made Firewall Distro’s.

Here is just a list of Distros I am looking into. As listed [here]

I am still thinking about that. But, my buddy RonRon hook me up with an old 4 Gig HardDrive for my old Packard Bell System. So, I can install Linux on it instead of running it off the CD.

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