Take responsibility and be a parent!

Don't let your kid be easily influenced by TV

If you are a parent that fears that a commercial has more influence with your kids then you do.

Guess what?

You are doing the parenting thing wrong.

As a parent I take full responsibility for my kids actions, views, and self worth. That is why we try to spend time with them, teach them about right and wrong, what is appropriate, and ensure they give them selves that self worth. People call be overbearing but not letting your 7 year old watch Nickelodeon or shows where they joke is making fun of someone or someone getting hurt enables your kid to remain a kid.

Spend time playing Skylanders, building legos, and playing Uno with your kids instead of letting them sit there and watch Spongebob or play GTA for hours. I always wonder why parents complain how their kids think being 15 and pregnant or how sex is casually cool when they let their 13 year old watch MTV shows that that glorify that lifestyle.

Sorry for my rant. This article [http://gma.yahoo.com/skechers-under-fire-for-daddys-money-sneakers-172544318.html] a long with an online discussion I had with a few parents tonight just made me realize that parents a quick to blame or condemned things but never take a second to take responsibility for their lack of parenting. Parents should be the primary role model and biggest influence to their kids.

Also, on a side note. Please do me a favor. Raise your kids to know that they are American first and that they have (Mexican, Chapin, Salvadorian, Irish, Italian, enter your family history here) heritage. Because when kids grow up hearing their parents telling them they are American second. They become young adults and eventually adults feeling they are second class citizens in their own birth country.

I know I am not a perfect parent and I am fortunate enough to have a wife that is a great parent. But, I do my best to ensure my kids enjoy being kids as long as possible and that they understand they can be who they are and know that if people are not their friends it is not the end of the world.