Ready for War!

I saw this image and I though they were gonna go and the biggest drug dealer.

Move Foo!

But it ended up being the LAPD getting ready to arrest homeless people on skidrow as I read the LA Times Article.

Here is the problem I have. How can you arrest more people for small / no crimes and put them in an already crowded jail. Most of the people on skidrow are mentally ill. I know because I am familar with that area. Most of them are dealing with drug addictions, mental issues, and most of the females are runaways that were molested / raped when they were little girls.

I find it odd that they say we will arrest them because they have over 100 beds to sleep at night. But, yet they arrest them during the day. I am not sure but I think the shelters are closed during the day.

I do feel the homeless issue has gotten worse over the last 3 years but we could come up with a better solution. We can help them help them self not just order them to stop being homeless.

I am just saying!