Doesn’t rain in SoCal? It snows.

We have all heard the Tony, Toni, Toné song that claims that it never Rains in Southern California.

We all know that claim is not true. But, we are spoiled that we only have to deal with rain a few weeks a year. Sadly, that forces people to panic over the rain. People drive in the rain and feel they have control but we all forget that we usually drive in dry warm weather and our balding tires have no trouble keeping the car on the road. But, when the road is wet just going over 45 MPH your car can start floating and becomes less responsive.

Those are the dangers we have to deal with. The car next to you loosing control and hydroplaning on the freeway.

That is the experience the family and I lived through yesterday. A car lost control and side swipe us. I am blessed to have a wife who can also double as a Nascar racer. The wife was driving yesterday and kept the damage to a minimal. We ended up hitting the center divider but we drove away with just a scratched bumper.

I wonder how many more accidents we could have if the snow makes it to our freeways.

I woke up this morning cold and wondering if snow made it to mountains just a few miles north of me. I started to hear about snow falling in towns just 20 to 30 minutes away from me. My mother in law lives in Canyon Country. Although, is not the first time that snow has fallen in that community is something that does not happen so often.

So, I already know where the kids and I are going later today assuming the snow keeps falling.

I think this pictures I took on my AM drive expresses the coldness we are getting today.

DMS - Dave Mora drive in the cold morning