Written by Dave Mora
On Feb 21 , 2008 for Daily Rants

Project Management Software


Over the years I have not been able to find any project management software that can give me everything my “ToDo” book can offer me. But, It has come close with BaseCamp the only thing I wish they had was a whiteboard. A simple white board will allow me and another developer draw lines and circles to demostrate workflow or a layout.

But, the cost of it does not justify me missing out on a whiteboard.

I came accross an OpenSource application DotProject that I will be trying for the next few weeks. It still does not have my whiteboard. But, it has everything BaseCamp and some few added things like a built in forum. The best part is that it is free, I host it, I see the code, and I can re-do the code to fit my needs. I might add another post in a few weeks to let people know if I am enjoying it or hating it.

Meanwhile. I am interested to know if anyone has any favorite Project Management software. It can be a stand alone product or a web based one. Let me know please feel to leave a comment or e-mail me.

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