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Written by Dave Mora
On Oct 24 , 2006 for Daily Rants

Practice what you preach.


So after dealing with the bank about my credit fraud issue. I come to realize why I always tell people not to use your ATM/Credit Card online. I am not sure how my credit card number was taken from me. Either from the only 2 online orders that I made or a waiter or tainted gas pump.

If it was from the online stores the people running the stores may have a dishonest employee taking the numbers or a compromised online store script.

Either way.

The reason I tell people don’t use your bank card is because fraud is committed you are out of your money until the bank confirms the charge was fraudulent and then issues the credit.

In my case it would be 5 to 10 business days.

So, I am out of a lot of money until is all taken care of.

Blah! effen Good Times!!!

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