Pocket Story – I am out of here

Siting alone with only my thoughts and a half eaten plate of orange chicken and slowly making my way to the bottom of my Coca Cola drink is how i am ending my evening.

Over the last few years i have come to see the same group of people in my so called comunitty. They aret he same since the first time i lay my eyes on them.

But, why am I suprise?

People ever change. They can change their tone, their shell, even their way of life. But in the end. People never change.

I am still the outsider. I am still the one that does share the great childhood stories from the local lake. I am still not the one the lives on the same house their granparents build. I am still not the one that people can trust.

So after all this years. Is time for me to simply leave. Even after all my research about this town, this community, and this world. I failed to blend in. My suit as perfect as it is with the ability to tan, chiver, and grow hair for my haircuts still failed. It failed reasuring them that at the end of the day. I am one of them.

So now i am just leaving without notice the same way i arrived.

Packed my space suite and filled my spacemobile with all the biodiesel i could find.

Next Stop Earth. From my research they have some freaky looking people that even i may be scared off.