Pelican Protect ME

Pelican PSP Face Armor and Disk Jackets

Over the years Pelican has made accessories for many consoles. In those same years I always felt most of the accessories for most consoles were “Chunty” looking.

When I got my hands on the Pelican PSP Face Armor and Disk Jackets I had my doubts. I was surprise when I found my self enjoying it. I really like the way it was designed but also the way it made my PSP look more complete.

At the time of this post. All of the local retail stores were sold out. Most of the retail stores sold out of them during the sale of the first batch of the PSP units.

Many users have been reporting difficulties in screwing on the Pelican Armor Plate onto the PSP unit. The face cover attaches to the the PSP unit by the way of two thumbscrews. Although many forums were filled with individuals complaining of how tricky it was to attach the face cover. I had no problems in doing that. I placed the face cover over the unit and slowly screwed tight the thumb screws.

The Pelican Armor plate covers the whole face of the unit. Your PSP is protected from end to end.

The face cover also comes with five game holders.

The Pelican Armor Plate is made up of hard rubbery plastic. The outer cover feels almost like suede.

Overall I enjoy the face cover for my PSP. But, I would have loved it. If the face cover was hard reflective plastic similar to the PSP. I believe a plastic style similar to style of the PSP Unit would have made the face cover and PSP Unit seem more like one whole unit.