Once you start you cant stop.

I have been known to collect weird items. I have kept all my bottle caps for the last 2 years that I have drank. So, much that I donated them to the guy who runs Buymycaps.com Is hard to stop once you have collected an item and have spent so much time with it.

That is why I know John Witt will live the rest of his life doing this. Possibly even passing the tradition down to his kids and grankids.

John Witt has a blog where he talks about not only his journey to catch the most baseballs but about baseball in general.

John Witt is a ballhawk. He has caught 4,805 baseballs since 1977. 2,796 of those baseballs were caught at regular season MLB games, 99 of those are Game Home Run balls. Follow along as he closes in on 5,000 total balls caught, 3,000 balls caught at MLB games and 100 career HR balls caught!

So next time you see him catching a ball. You know it is one more to his growing numbers.

John Witt holding my balls!