So, yesterday I joined the club I became one of the many PSP Lemmings. I must say I am enjoying it more then I expected. But, I still have some issues with it.

One of the things I like about the PSP that no one seems to be talking about is the boot up. I mean you press the button and it boots. If you are playing a games shut it down it boots back up to your game on your level. Sure, it dumps it to memory and it stores it their but it makes it easier for me to get my gaming fix.

Since I live in a Windows World I had to go look for Mac Software that allows me to extend the life of my PSP into my Computer World. So I found PSP Ware. PSPWare lets me load stuff onto my PSP in a non-intrusive way and it lets me save my save games to my Mac.So, if you don’t want to run around the stores trying to buy it. You can order it online through Amazon.com.

I ended up getting an RPG game don’t know really why since I am not an RPG Gamer but from the list of games I had to choose from I wanted something I might play for a while. But, I am getting bored of it already. So, I am thinking of getting a new game. I might get Wipeout Pure. The game play looks more fun and the fact I can trick it to let me browse the internet is even better. If any one has some cool PSP Hacks e-mail me.