No sex but let our soldiers die!

So, this came in through my RSS Feeds. An article about a bill being passed to restrict the sexuality of cheerleaders. Although I agree that girls are becoming more provocative in their younger ages. I don’t agreed in our government spending time and our tax dollars on something that comes down to parenting. If parents were more involve in their kids lives and gave them a good foundation on morals I feel kids would grow up a lot better. But, also blaming TV, Music, Movies, wasting our tax money and time is stupid.

Let me see the government has spend time investigating steroids in baseball. Passing other useless bills like the one that gives consumers the right to skip movie previews on their DVD’s. (Did we really need a bill for that?) But yet soldiers in Iraq are still getting killed because the US does not put armor on their Humvee’s.

Why are we so bitter when it comes gas being so expensive (When is not if you look at inflation) but, we are not bitter when a life ends because we failed to provide something simple as a metal plate on the side of the vehicles doors.

[blah] I need a smoke now!