No Mac Soup for you!

Dave Mora has is no longer feeding from the Apple Mac Soup

For those of you that have been following me for a while already know that I consider my self a PC living in a Mac World. Although, my computer geekery started on a Apple IIc. I will always be a PC.

My wife and kids are the Mac folks in the family. But, don’t confuse me to a PC fanboy or even a Mac hater. I am unique that I use many different platforms on a daily basis and I love them all for what they offer and hate them all equally.

Before I continue – I want to make it clear that everything fails. Even apple products. My own experience has lead me to believe that Apple products fail more then PC products. Do I have any fancy infographs to prove it? Nope, but I have had many different apple products that have lead me to the apple store many different times to come to that conclusion. Am I saying that Apple products suck? My opinions are based on my experiences. Yours should differ and if and you should come to your own conclusion.

Why do I say all that? – Not sure. But, remember I enjoy to ramble on.

So in my house I am the guy that runs a Windows Computer and the guy that loves his Windows Phone. My wife and kids are the Mac users.

But, recently my wife has come to a cross road. In the last 7 years she has gone through 3 Macs. Not, because they have completely failed. The Mac OS updates and other things have forced her to outgrow them. The one thing she has finally come to realized is that unlike my PC. Where I can easily change my video card for a better one, upgrade my DVD Drive to a Blu-Ray, put more and faster memory, and even upgrade my drive to a SATA 3 SSD drive – She can not.

So because of this I have basically had the same PC and have been able to keep up with the latest operating system by doing small upgrades through out the years.

Sadly, in the Apple world. It seems they way you upgrade is to buy a whole new Mac every 3 years. It’s a model that works for them. A model that enables them to keep making money on the same users.

A few months ago my wife’s keyboard failed and then her mouse.

Then her computers started to get slow because the operating system updates they were forcing her to do started to demand more on the computer. Her computer still runs on the Intel Duo 2 Chip and now many of the new features and third party applications are requiring her to have a 64 bit processor. So, instead of simply replacing the mother board and chip like I would do on a PC. She is forced to have to buy a new Mac.

So, why the long back story? – I ramble on remember? 🙂

Well I guess I want it to make it clear that my wife is a person that has put in so much time, energy, and money into the Apple platform and now she is once again required to go buy a new Mac in order to keep going.

Something click when she notice that in the span of the years where she has gone through 2 Mac. My desktop computer is still running like a champ. She has had to replace her Mac’s not because they died but because they became obsolete to Apples standards.

In no way am I saying PC hardware lasts for ever. You can’t put Windows 8 on a computer that ran windows 95. If you manage to do so the performance would be driving you insane. It seems that she has notice something I have notice for a long time. Apple (for better or worse / fact or assumption) assumes that in 3 years you will be upgrading your mac. That is the same way you tend to upgrade your iPhone. Every two years you upgrade your iPhone for something just a little better. But it is easier to spend 200 bucks every other year versus 2,000 bucks every two years.

But, it seems my wife is done.

It seems that she hasn’t even really consider moving on with the next Mac. Instead she started talking about getting a Laptop that runs Windows.

My wife is the typical Apple Fan. So, I had to make sure she was not having a fever or was going insane when she dropped the Windows word.

But, the more insane thing is that I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to convince her to stay on the Mac. You would have thought that I would be jumping at the opportunity to get her a Windows laptop and welcoming her to the PC world.

It’s weird because I have been trying to reassure her that getting a Mac Book Pro Retina with 16 Gigs of ram will make her happy with the Apple products once again. I have been trying to argue in behalf of Apple. Yes, this PC guy has been trying to sell on the good points of Apple. (Mostly, is because of all the Adobe Products I know she will need to have to re-purchase for the PC).

I had very good points until she asked.

If buying the top of line Mac Book Pro with Retina can prevent her from being in this situation 3 or 4 years from now.

Sadly, I can not. Because, I suspect in a few years they will start moving their laptops to A5 type chips. Sure by then it might be A9 or even Ax chips.

It’s a change I see happening just like I saw the them doing away with the internal Optical Drives.

I even tried to win her over by saying she should get an Thunderbolt Display but then realized that many of the mac products don’t even offer a 1920 x 1050 type of resolution. The idea of getting an Awesome display is wasted when the icons and images look blurry. They don’t even look that good on my 27 inch HP because the resolution Mac products push out is below 1920 X 1050 – You have to get the Macbook Pro with Retina and then you deal with other limitations.

So against her will I went out and got her the best Macbook Pro with Retina Apple offers with the Thunderbolt Display.

She hasn’t even open it and spent the last two days considering her options and has decided that Windows will be her next move.

Only time will tell if Windows 8 has won the wife over. Maybe she has reached the point I reached a while back when I went from my iPhone to my Windows Phone. Apple can’t seem to copy others peoples work fast enough or continues to copy styles that we are growing tired of.

A ver que pasa